Jon Sudano: How to Troll with Positivity

You can fake a lot of things, but you can’t fake funny. Being funny is it’s own proof.

Ex. 1: Jon Sudano.

I laughed my butt off the first time I watched one of Jon Sudano’s vocal covers on YouTube. Never heard of Jon Sudano? Well, I better not spoil it. It’d be best if you found him out the same way I did.

Take for instance this stunning cover of Adele’s “Hello”:


Hmm, yes, you heard it right.

How ‘bout another crowd pleaser. Katy Perry’s “Roar”:


Or what about a classic? John Lennon’s “Imagine”:


This guy’s whole YouTube channel, every video, is him singing the melody and lyrics to All-Star by Smash Mouth over the instrumental tracks of other songs.

This is just—

I just, it’s—

How does he do it?

Somebody give this guy some kind of award. Grammy, Oscar. It doesn’t matter. A Nobel Prize in physics.

In one fell swoop it’s lampooning every earnestly contrived song cover on YouTube, the entire pop music industry, and neckbeards. But if it’s trolling, it’s the most positive trolling I’ve ever seen—practically a whole new category. He puts all the right things next to each other, conceptually speaking, lets you put the pieces together, and no one gets hurt in the process. It’s a joke that takes several videos to brew but once it does, boy, it’s some spicy sauce.

God bless you Jon Sudano.

Perhaps the internet isn’t just a failed society’s toxic wasteland of resentment after all.

8 thoughts on “Jon Sudano: How to Troll with Positivity

  1. So much inspiration. I listened to the lyrics with three different background musics and I enjoyed it. It’s like everytime I heard that, it had new meaning. All that glitters is gold.

    Liked by 1 person

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