Like Food, Books are a Matter of Taste

Here’s a fourth grade word problem for you:

As of 2017, there are an estimated 134,621,533 ISBN numbers in existence. If 600,000 books are published each year, and Daniel Douglas, who is 28 years old, reads at the pace of one book every two weeks, what percentage of total books published will he have read before he reaches the average US life expectancy of 78 years?

Answer: 0.0000079%

In light of these odds, the process of actually choosing what to read is mysterious. A book is a real time investment. Most will take more than a few hours to read. Many readers  develop something of a process they can rely on to, more often than not, generate options that will be worth it. But it’s difficult to put into words exactly what this process is. A lot of it is pure luck. Sometimes you stumble on something you really love and from that there may naturally stem other, similar options.

Or sometimes you find someone like Clifford Lee Sargent of Better than Food Book Reviews, a reviewer of the highest-caliber taste, who also happens to be very entertaining to watch. The real value of his videos is that he doesn’t review books he wouldn’t recommend reading. They’re all positive reviews, which can shed light on good books to contribute to your 0.0000079%, and how best to read them.

Check out some of my favorites below:



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