A Good Thing Actually Happened on Twitter

Abdul Dremali is a photographer based in Boston, MA. His pictures are wonderful. Go follow him.

A few days ago Abdul posted an exchange he had with a, ahem, very hostile person on Twitter, prefacing the exchange with this tweet:


Then it begins:



Now I don’t know about you but I would like to be more like Abdul in my online life. Personally, I get defensive at even very mild online criticism. Because, let’s face it, it’s scary to be criticized. Criticism can feel like death. Can make your stomach turn in knots. Not to mention an all out racist attack, which I would imagine results in much more than a sore stomach.

But what I really love here is how much compassion Abdul had to respond this way. Say what you will about what social media “incentivizes” people to do; this is rare in any case. Whether or not social media can or should be held responsible for our actions, and there is a lot of belly-aching about that nowadays, as though human frailty and inattention began in 2010, this kind of thing shows how far we can transcend how we are supposedly “incentivized” to behave.

Bravo, Abdul. May the rest of the internet follow your lead.